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My Gold Panning

Where gold is found is the age old question. Learn this and how to recover it using the High Production Sluice Box or by old fashioned panning. Get the answers you are looking for.


Gold Mining Products

Gold Mining products was created to give you a one stop shop for anything to do with mining gold. From deserts to swamps and from rivers to streams, the right tools mean more of the heavy yellow mineral for you.

Please take the time to browse through the gold pans, sluice boxes, classifiers, gold picks, shovels, metal detectors and everything else including some new, innovative gold mining products.

Diamond Mining

Diamond Mining with a Diamond Pan or Diamond Mining with a Diamond Sluice Box find it all here.

My Air Cannons

Air Cannon Plans, some FREE Air Cannon Plans, How to make your own Air Cannons.

From the Water Balloon Launcher to the Toilet Paper Cannon to the Water Balloon Mortar My Air Cannons shows you how to build these and many many more using their plans.

Dew Drop

The reason for this web site is to show you how to clean or purify water. A lot of the methods are primitive. These ways of cleaning water are for when you have limited tools and or supplies on hand.

World's Best Dog Names

Care enough to give the best Dog name you can! Choose the name with your heart and your head, you puppy is worth it. For me, distinctiveness is the most important item. A clear name that is unique, yet can be heard well at a distance.

World's Best Fish Names

What would compel any of us to name a fish? It isn't like it is going to come when you call it, but, then again neither do most cats!

We name our pet fish for the simple reason that we want to bond and be close. We may not be able to take it for a walk or teach it tricks but we can sit and stare into the aquarium and get lost in the wonderment that is known as pet fish.

World's Best Pet Names

When it comes to naming your pet, make it a unique, special name. I prefer one of a kind choices that will set your pet apart from others.

Our name lists cover:

- Dog

- Cat

- Bird

- Hamster

- And On and on...

World's Best Cat Names

Choosing your cat name represents your feline, typically to others in your house because cats are more resistant than dogs to responding to a name. This is where persistance pays off. You kitty will accept their name only through repeated use.

World's Best Turtle Names

Turtles make great pets and they are easy to name. They don't bark or make too much noise. They are low maintenance and don't take up too much of your time. You don't have to take them for long walks twice a day and best of all; they are always hanging out in their home waiting for you.

World's Best Puppy Names

Naming your puppy is a fun and important job. Choosing from an almost endless variety of names to suit your moods, mannerisms or attitudes. It is said we should chose a name based on what is best for your little canine... sort of. Since you dog will follow you as a pack leader it is best to select a name or names that are first approved by you. Second, you chosen name should be distinct and easily heard from a distance - "woof" and or "hey Mutt" just doesn't cut it.

World's Best Kitten Names

Naming our kitten was a challenge. This beautiful furry little feline was part of our family and I wanted the right name, not just any name.

The strength and qualities of our kitten soon became noticeable while watching it play and search our house. It was both invisible, almost ghost like, as well as right there when we were pulling a piece of string or yarn along the floor.

World's Best Boat Names

Your Boat is a personal expression of you. The name you chose says a lot about your water transportation and how others will see you.

You should always make your name selection on what you like. I prefer a mix of things for my personal decision.